Hunan Ren He Ren Law Firm("Ren He Ren " or "We") was established in 2005, headquartered in Changsha with offices in Loudi, Chenzhou, and Huaihua, it is one of the largest and leading law firms in Hunan Province. With over 1200 lawyers, patent attorneys, and legal professionals, we provide comprehensive legal services to meet the diverse needs of our clients worldwide. Ren He Ren has received numerous awards from local Justice Bureaus and Law Associations, and is consistently recognized in major rankings as one of the top law firms in Hunan Province.


As a fully integrated partnership, we stress close cooperation among our team member. We are dedicated to our clients, and shall provide high quality and efficient services to multinational and Chinese clients across a broad range of cross-border and domestic transactions. According to our practices we set up several departments, such as high-end civil &commercial litigation department, high-end legal consultant department, criminal affairs department, high-end real estate & construction department, high-end capital finance department, high-end foreign business department and high-end family business department; we also have supportive sections such as administrative , human resources, culture propaganda and knowledge management for backup.


Our scope of service covers many fields, such as dispute resolution, corporate, criminal affairs, investment and finance, M&A, real estate and construction, foreign business, intellectual property, wealth management and international trade. Our first-class services bring us many clients, includes public companies, state-owned enterprises, banks, insurance companies, medical corporations, and property firms, etc.. We also serve other organizations as governmental agencies, public institution, associations and chamber of commerce.   


Ren He Ren has more than100 registered lawyers, includes 10 doctors, more than 40 are with master degree, many of our attorneys are graduated from top law schools of China. Certain of our attorneys used to be senior government officials, judges, accountants, tax accountants or investment counselor. During our practices, we have established good cooperative relations with some well-known overseas law firms in Hong Kong and America, we can afford our customers with excellent services on investments and commercial practices abroad.